Certain models of Nomic and Ergo Ice Climbing Tools recalled

Year 2010
Product name Nomic (U21 2) and Ergo (U22)
Equipment type Ice tool
Company / Brand Petzl
Country of manufacture
Country of recall Worldwide
Product description It has come to our attention that the adjustment system of the GRIPREST (the lower hand rest at the bottom of the handle) on the 2010 NOMIC (U21 2) and ERGO (U22) in some cases may not stay fixed in the desired size position.

This issue concerns NOMIC and ERGO ice tools with serial numbers between 10208 and 10329 and all GRIPREST (U21 GR2) accessory parts. It does not concern the new QUARKs or the older versions of the NOMICs, QUARKs and QUARK ERGOs.

This problem can occur when an inward force is applied to the GRIPREST, damaging the adjustment teeth at the base of the tool’s handle that mesh with the GRIPREST (see photo). Once this damage occurs, users may lose the ability to fix the GRIPREST in the desired size position.

This is NOT A SAFETY ISSUE, as it only affects the GRIPREST’s adjustability and the ability to remain in the desired position. This is covered by Petzl’s warranty.

Petzl has developed a solution to reinforce the GRIPREST, which permanently fixes it in the position of your choice (S, M, or L). This procedure will be expedited to reduce any interruption to your climbing season. Because this solution eliminates the ability to adjust the grip’s size, we will replace your tools with redesigned versions of the NOMIC or ERGO once they are available in autumn 2011.

Contact Petzl distributor in your country or return the tools to the store from which they were purchased. For further information about the warranty procedure visit their website.
Hazard Inward force applied on GRIPREST may damage the adjustment teeth at the base of the tool's handle
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