Certain batches of defective snow anchors & picket recalled by Fixe

Year 2011
Product name Fixe Snow Anchor and Picket
Equipment type Snow anchors
Company / Brand Fixe Climbing
Country of manufacture Worldwide
Country of recall Worldwide
Product description A production defect in certain batches of snow anchors from Fixe Climbing has been detected. This defect can seriously affect security of user. For this reason Fixe Climbing has decided to remove from the market the products with following references and batch number:

- Snow anchor Fixe ref. 020 Batch nº: 01/10
- Snow anchor Fixe ref. 021 Batch nº: 06/10
- Snow picket Fixe ref. 430 Batch nº 12/10 and 01/11

For the snow anchors, batch numbers can be found on right top part and for the snow picket you will find on the interior part where there are the rest of the technical Information.

If you have in your stock some of the indicated references, belonging to indicated batch numbers please contact Fixe office to proceed and replace these products immediately.
Hazard Production defect may pose serious safety issues
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